August 20, 2011

REVIEW! Jenna & Jonah's Fauxmance.

JENNA & JONAH'S FAUXMANCE by Emily Franklin & Brendan Halpin
Fans of romance don't need to look any further than the fauxmance brewing between teen idols Charlie Tracker and Fielding Withers-known on their hit TV show as Jenna and Jonah, next-door neighbors flush with the excitement of first love. But it's their off-screen relationship that has helped cement their fame, as passionate fans follow their every PDA. They grace the covers of magazines week after week. Their fan club has chapters all over the country. The only problem is their off-screen romance is one big publicity stunt, and Charlie and Fielding can't stand to be in the same room. Still, it's a great gig, so even when the cameras stop rolling, the show must go on, and on, and on. . . . Until the pesky paparazzi blow their cover, and Charlie and Fielding must disappear to weather the media storm. It's not until they're far off the grid of the Hollywood circuit that they realize that there's more to each of them than shiny hair and a winning smile.
My rating: 3 stars.


I'm a sucker for reality television shows, and while this isn't about a reality show, it reads like one. So I was all in and ready for the drama. Plus, I'm a huge fan of Franklin and Halpin's work (see: The Half-Life of Planets). Unfortunately, Jenna and Jonah isn't drama-rific. It's fluffy. And cute. And more fluffy.

Don't get me wrong: I wasn't expecting some deep, emotional tearjerker. But I did expect some semblance of a plot. Instead the pace reads incredibly fast and leaves no room for any buildup - which is a shame, because I am actually interested in both Charlie and Fielding; they're good, snarky characters that aren't able to develop. However, I could do without their romance, which appears without any cause or purpose.

The story's just whacky and unbelievable. It makes for a fun read when you need something light and quick.


  1. I have this one to review. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

    Andrea @ Reading Lark

  2. Lol, this one definitely is mostly just cute and fluffy. I liked it because it was funny and sweet, and I had no expectations when I started it! Some bits were definitely unbelievable though. Thanks for the review!

  3. I read this one as well and I thought it was just okay. Now I'm even more interested to read The Half-Life of Planets! I added it to my tbr the other day after I read your interview. :P


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