October 11, 2010

News: Have you heard?

Amber, over at Down the Rabbit Hole, is going to be hosting a nifty event, called YA Love Triangle Week. For details, click here.

"So here's the breakdown. As soon as I've got 12 volunteers to write a blog post for each boy from SIX novels, I will dedicate a week on my blog to YA Love Triangles. Each day of the week I will post the bloggers' articles pleading why you should like their guy. So for instance, on the Twilight series day there will be a post from a Team Edward fan and Team Jacob fan. At the end of the week, you'll vote on which team you'd go for BASED ON THE POST."

Fun, right? Who doesn't enjoy rooting for their fave fictional guy?

Sound interesting? Get involved!

Currently, I'm signed up for Team Puck, from The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. Anyone interested in promoting Team Ash? If so, make sure to head on over to Amber's blog and send her an e-mail.

Not interested in Ash or the Iron Fey series? No worries - there's plenty of other lovely guys to choose from.


  1. I'm signed up for Team David right now :D (And plus if I were to do the Iron Fey series I would totally be with you on Puck...he is so much more fun than Ash!) I need to find a Team Zane person to face off against lol, so I think I will follow your lead with a blog post about it!

  2. Thanks for posting this up! The more people that know, the more likely we'll get enough guest bloggers!

  3. Danya - I know, right? Who doesn't love Puck? :]

    Amber - No problem!

  4. Omg this is brilliant. I want to sign up for one, but I don't know who I'd pick! Choices, choices...


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