October 2, 2010

More Harry Potter?

An 8th, 9th, or 10th Harry Potter?

I'm a serious Potter nerd.  So when I found out Oprah was going to be interviewing J.K. Rowling, I knew I didn't want to miss it, especially because there were numerous rumors claiming she was going to announce the publication of a Harry Potter encyclopedia.  Instead, she announced that she could definitely write more Potter novels - which I'm sure sent other Potter fans into a state of extreme excitement.  The catch is that Rowling also said just because she could, it doesn't mean that she will. Way to leave us hanging, right?

Here's a snippet of the interview.

So what do you think?  Would you love to read an 8th, 9th and even 10th Potter novel?  I know I would. 


  1. I would love to see more in the Harry Potter universe, but maybe a new protagonist!

    I hate it when authors do that... lol. Just say you are or not, or don't say anything, right?

    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  2. Yeah, I was bummed that they made such a big deal about there possibly being new HP books when all she really did was hint at it... I would love to read anything she throws at us.

  3. I think she gave a good answer... because isn't it the worst when people are like "OH NO, I would nevvvver do that!" and then they end up doing it a few years down the line. It sounds like she's happy where she left the series, but if she ever feels the need to write another one she could.

  4. I was totally stoked when I heard her answer! I feel perhaps she was just being political, but I would totally read more HP! I'm an HP nut! :)

  5. Dude, I totally would. I was so not satisfied with the ending of the last book. I don't understand why there were babies and all that procreation all of a sudden when I'm still thinking of Harry as a little kid. Okay fine, I understand the underlying symbolism and all but urgh, I did not like it. Can you tell I've given this a lot of thought, haha. I saw the interview too.

  6. I would LOVE if she wrote an eighth, ninth, or tenth book! Or 12th, 13th, 14th... Heck, I'd be okay if she just wrote HP books 'til she retires! I'm such a Harry Potter fan-girl -- I was so upset when the series ended! It left a hole in my life. I'd been practically living for each release and then the seventh book came out. Then what?! I had no idea what to do! (Okay, now I'm just sounding creepy and stalkerish, but most creepy).

    Anywhoot, I checked around your blog a bit to see if you accepted or awards or not, and I believe I didn't see anything stating you didn't. However, if you don't, I completely apologize! I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger award at my blog, so stop by and pick up your award! <3

  7. I actually don't want any more Harry Potter books
    *ducks to avoid paintball splatter*
    Why? I like the idea of actually saying goodbye to characters and ENDING IT. But it seems like more and more, authors do a complete 180 after their series has ended, after they've said that their story has come to a close. We all know the main reason why - $$$. I wish they'd come up with something new, or something set in the same "fictional universe" but with different characters, even. It just seems like redundancy and milking it to continue the same characters, not to mention it makes authors look like they're going back on their word. I'm mostly venting now, because JK has enough money to "buy out NASA" (as said by the lovely Draco in A VERY POTTER MUSICAL) so she doesn't have a financial motive, but a lot of other authors just look kind of petty when they do it. I don't know. I'm being grouchy. But no more Potter! Let him live the rest of his life and let's find some other characters to read about. Maybe bring back Hogwarts, but with a different cast!
    (like DEGRASSI)

  8. Psst.. there's an award for you at my blog! Thanks for stopping by today :-)


  9. Never say never, right? That's how I felt when I heard her say that. It gave me hope, but I guess it doesn't mean it'll happen. Can you imagine the insanity that would break out if she announced she'd finished a new one? So crazy!

    Meanwhile, work was super fun last week because of it! I got to do this... http://www.oprah.com/entertainment/Harry-Potter-Character-Guide (that's me!)

  10. I'd say a prequel would be excellent idea! Maybe the foundations of hogwarts or even story about lord voldemort (as main protag) and how he becomes evil?

  11. @Amelia - A Very Potter Musical is AWESOME.

    @Emily - I would love a prequel, especially about Tom Riddle/Voldemort.

  12. I would love to read anything else she chooses to write about Harry and his world! That is just the best news I've had all day.


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