August 26, 2010

REVIEW! Flipped. & 1 month blog-iversary.

In honor of my blog's one month anniversary, I decided to review a favorite of mine.

Wendelin Van Draanen



My mom didn’t understand why it was so
awful that “that cute little girl” had held
my hand. She thought I should be friends
with her. “You like soccer. Why don’t you
go out there and kick the ball around?”

Because I didn’t want to be kicked
around, that’s why. And although I couldn’t
say it like that at the time, I still had
enough sense at age seven and a half to
know that Julianna Baker was dangerous.


What did a kiss feel like anyway?
Somehow I knew it wouldn’t be like the
one I got from Mom or Dad at bedtime.
The same species, maybe, but a radically
different beast. Like a wolf and a whippet.
Only science would put them on the same tree.

Looking back, I like to think it was
at least partly scientific curiosity that
made me chase after that kiss, but it was
probably more those blue eyes.

My rating: 5 stars.


Wholesome is the best word to describe Van Draanen’s novel. Both Bryce and Julie have such strong personalities that fuel the story and keep it running. Bryce is thoughtful and boyishly confused. Julie is quirky in the loveliest of ways. Together, they’re honest and true to whom they are, as curious young adults.

The writing style of Flipped is crisp and straightforward – nothing fanciful, magical, or extraordinary. It is as pure and fresh as the characters and the plot. The story develops with Bryce and Julie, through both of their viewpoints, and captures the reality of their situation.

It is boy and girl. It is adolescence. It is innocence. It is balance.


  1. I read this quite a long time ago and became so enamored by it that I ended up buying it. I liked it though I don't remember the story exactly. I love your review. It's very concise.

  2. I absolutely adore this book. My copy is one I got years ago... it's the paperback and literally has entire sections falling out of it from being read too often. But I just can't make myself get rid of it and buy another copy. I guess I'm attached to it.

  3. Ah! I just reviewed this too. I don't know why I kept putting off reviewing this book, but I did. I just kept seeing it at the bookstore and it took to seeing the movie trailer before I read it. Wholesome is definitely the perfect word to describe it. :D

  4. I loved this book. It was so different from what van Draanen usually wrote (Sammy Keyes) and was sceptical about Flipped. But it was so...simple (that's the best I can do to describe it, haha).

  5. I loved this book. Wholesome is a great word choice. Remember the scene with the eggs? I was so heartbroken for Julie! Something about that scene just really touched me.


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