January 6, 2011

Word Bit! (2)


As a reader and writer and blogger, I'm surrounded by words all the time. Some are old, some are new, some are funny, difficult to pronounce, fun to say, interesting, or just pure awesome.

I love words. Words are important. They're the basis of books. They're what makes everything come together. One word can change the feel, emotion and effect of a sentence. You can never know too many.

So every week I'm going to be sharing words of interest. They'll come from my readings. And who knows? Maybe you'll come across that one word that can change the feel, emotion and effect of the sentence you're working on in your novel, essay, short story, etc.

This week's word is...

{noun, verb}
- the motion of an object or a projectile in rebounding or deflecting one or more times from the surface over which it is passing or against which it hits a glancing blow.
- to move in this way, as a projectile.

I came across RICOCHET this week in I Will Save You by Matt de la Pena, and loved it immediately. It's not a word used often, but it's awesome when used as a verb, don't you think? I prefer it to "bounce" or "rebound."

Want to join in? I think it would be a neat little chain reaction to have fellow bloggers share their favorite, most interesting, craziest words each week. I know I'd love to see what you share! Feel free to sign up on the Mr. Linky. There's no specific rules. If you want, grab the above button, link back here, share your word, explain why, where you heard/saw it, and whatever else you'd like to add!

Just leave your name and blog name, and of course, the link to your post!

*All definitions from Dictionary.com.


  1. LOVE this feature! I used to read the dictionary haha I'm such a geek!

  2. Woohoo!! Come see what word I picked :D

    Also, I love the word ricochet because of its spelling. I think it looks fantastic. Though I always try to put the h in after both c's instead of just after the second.

  3. Fancy word! I've always thought it was a sport...oh my gosh. Lol!

  4. Melissa - Nothing to be ashamed of! Haha. Reading the dictionary can be fun.

    Sarah - I know, right? Ricochet is just awesome to type and say.

    Justine - It DOES actually sound like it could be a sport! But if I look at it and think sport, all I think of is cricket, haha.

  5. great meme! my vocabulary is embarrassingly small, so this is something I need to be following!


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