January 21, 2011

News, news and more NEWS!

Facebook, Twitter and buttons ... oh my! And a layout!

That's right, The Grammarian's Reviews is now on Facebook and Twitter (the connect buttons can be found on the right sidebar)!

There's also a new, cheerfully yellow layout and a matching button! Make sure to grab it from the right sidebar!

There's not much going on at the Facebook and Twitter pages yet. I'm still trying to get the hang of Twitter, actually. I know it must be simpler than I'm making it out to be! Any advice or help? It'd be much appreciated.

I'm also looking for any kind of feedback about the new pages, layout, button and site overall. So lay it on me! The good, the bad, the in between!


  1. Hey! Love your facebook page. I'm still new to facebook (the "pages" part, that is) but I did add your page to my page's favorites or whatever. Lol, I don't really know much facebook lingo! If you wanted to find me, I'm Imagination in Focus in the search box :D
    Love the layout, and I'll add your button to my collection right away!

  2. Thanks, Amelia! No worries - I'm new to the Facebook "pages" part too, haha. I also added your page to my page's favorites. :D

  3. I've been learning my way around Twitter too, it feels like it should be much more straightforward than it seems to be... My blog doesn't have a facebook page yet, but I'm following yours!

  4. Thanks, Becky! I totally agree. I thought it'd be a lot simpler.

    I'm following you on Twitter and when your blog does have a facebook page I'll definitely be following that, too. :]

  5. Hi Alissa, thanks for the follow! I'm now following back! Love your blog! The colour makes me feel so cheerful! Anyway have a great weekend! Looking forward to chatting some more in future.

    Sonette @ Bookworm Blog

  6. I'm loving your layout, your banner, and your buttons - I love everything about your blog! You are so cool :D

    The yellow and the stars really cheer me up.

    Have a great weekend!

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  7. I'd love to help you figure out Twitter! Let me know :D

  8. Sarah, that'd be awesome! Haha, I'm so lost.

  9. I'm following you on twitter @amillssews

    You're blog looks great - cheerful -- easy to read. I like it. Keep up the good work.

  10. Woah, I like it! I loved the old one, too. I would love to add your blog button to my blog but I need the html code for it first!

  11. Whoops! Sorry, Aylee! Got the code up now!


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