December 22, 2010

What You Want Wednesday (1).

This is an awesome new reader/writer friendly meme, brought to us by Savannah at The Reading Girl!

"Since we're nearing the very end of the year, I'm sure you've all noticed certain trends in YA fiction. Love 'em or hate 'em, certain genres have skyrocketed to the forefront of the best-seller list. Which genre do you feel was neglected during 2010, and which one do you think got maybe a little too much loving?"

Without a doubt, Paranormal Romance has taken over the best-seller list. It's featured everywhere. And, as I just recently posted, it's gotten its own section in Barnes and Noble. It's not that it's gotten too much loving, it's gotten all the loving.  This wouldn't be such a problem for me if I liked reading paranormal romances, though.

I really feel that contemporary fiction was neglected. Between the vampires, faeries, witches, mermaids, and historical YA books, contemporary fiction definitely took the back seat. Don't get me wrong. I love vampires and faeries.  But my heart belongs to contemporary fiction, and there just wasn't enough of it going around and getting attention. 


  1. Oh I completely agree! Sadly, I actually forgot about contemporary this year. I think I only read one book that was classified as contemporary, and it wasn't my all-time favorite. I think I'd like to see more of those books in 2011 :)

    Thanks for participating in What You Want Wednesday! :D


  2. I agree. I remember when I started back in bookselling a few years ago and first heard of the genre "paranormal romance" and I thought, huh? It has gotten all the glory lately, which is too bad. I happen to like reading teen fantasy, but there is a real dearth of good, realistic fiction for teens that doesn't end up in the GossipGirl/Clique end of the spectrum.

  3. I have to agree...I love paranormal, I'll admit, but I've definitely avoided contemps because of that. I really need to read more contemps!

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