December 10, 2010

Grammar Bit #10.


Words that sound the same but differ in meaning.

Common errors:

Except vs. Accept
They're vs. Their
You're vs. Your
Effect vs. Affect
Too vs. To

* Except is to exclude. (Everyone was invited to the party except me.)
   Accept is to agree, receive, consent. (I accept the terms and conditions.)

* They're = They are. (They're going to the movies.)
   Their = possession/ownership. They own. (That is their DVD.)

* You're = You are. (You're going to be late.)
   Your = possession/ownership. You own. (Where are your books?)

* Effect is a noun. (The special effects looked really cool.)
   Affect is a verb. (Losing my wallet affected my good mood.)

* Too is to also. (I like reading books, too.)
   To expresses motion or direction. (I am going to the library.)


  1. I think the only one I have to think about before writing here is effect/affect for some reason!

  2. I'm pretty sure I don't make any of these mistakes. At least, I hope so. Please let me know if I ever do! lol.

  3. Ah, I love it. The writing tutor part of me thanks you for your efforts. :)


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