December 13, 2010

Daily Dose (3).

*all pictures from
This is Good Golly Miss Holly's Daily Dose meme.  I'm a sucker for spending hours searching through photographs.  These are the pics inspiring me today:


  1. The first has got to be my favourite, prefect around Christmas time.

  2. Oh the Ron/Hermione one. Le sigh.

  3. Sarah - It's funny because I'm not even a fan of Ron/Hermione. At all. But it's just too darn cute of a picture.

  4. Nice pictures! I love the first one. Looks like it would make a great background.

    I really like the way Ron and Hermione look in that picture. It's such a nice photograph. They both look so ordinary. I love it.

  5. These are so pretty. And I always thought it should have been Hermione and Harry. =\ Hee.


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