November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! What's cookin'?

Whether you're celebrating Thanksgiving or not, I wish a happy day to everyone.
And I thank everyone in the blogging community for wishing myself and others a Happy Thanksgiving.

From me to you,
Happy Thanksgiving, bloggers!

What's everyone eating today? Feel free to share!
As a veggie lover, I will be skipping out on the turkey and enjoying a splendid spinach casserole, stuffing, and homemade pasta.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I plan on eating turkey even though it's not my favorite meal ever, but I love the green beans and rolls and such. :)

  2. I love green beans, but unfortunately we're not having them this Thanksgiving. The rolls are always good, though!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

    My parents came into the city to visit me so it's just the three of us. We're doing most everything -- turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, creamed corn, stuffing, pumpkin pie ... :D

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Alissa. Won't tell you what I'm eating as it's a normal day for me :-( I'm moving to the US because you get fun holidays (we get holidays on anniversaries of battles). God bless,

  5. Yay another veggie lover! I ate lots of mashed potatoes, vegetables and rolls today. I've never tried spinach casserole, it sounds delicious though!


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