November 11, 2010

Book Blogger Hop & Follow Friday (14).

Book Blogger Hop

I came across the Hop and Follow Friday while I was blog hopping - how appropriate! - and decided to join in on the fun.

The Book Blogger Hop is a weekly thing going on over at Crazy-for-Books. Follow My Book Blog Friday is hosted by Parajunkee. If you're a new blogger, like I am, or have been blogging for a while, stop by the sites and get involved!


Weekly question: If you find a book that looks interesting but is part of a series, do you always start with the first title?

Of course.  The only time I may not start with the first title is if I pick up a particular book, not knowing it's part of a series.



  1. Hello:) I love your blog, it's uber cute! I'm a new follower:) Hopefully you'll come check my blog out too?

  2. Hi~ Just dropping by to say Hi from the FF hop over at Parajunkee! I'm an old follower by the way. :)

    My Follow Friday post for this week.

  3. Hopping through. Old follower. Have a great weekend!
    My Hop

  4. New follower from the hop! I love your blog title - I'm a fellow grammar fiend :-)

    My Hop

  5. I'm so glad I found your blog! I, too, am an aspiring writer/(children's book) editor and am participating in NaNoWriMo. Good luck finishing!

  6. Hey =)

    I'm stopping by from the Book Blog Hop

    and I'm a new Follower!

    cool blog! I love the name hehe

    Have a wonderful weekend & Happy Reading!

    Welcome to Larissa's Bookish Life

  7. Dear Grammarian,

    I need you! My grammar sux. <-proof

    So yeah, I'm a new follower.

    Happy FF!

  8. Hi! Hopping by from It's Time to Read and I love this site, it is so pretty :-) hope you pop by my site!

  9. Hi, hopped by to say hi and am now a follower. Have a great weekend!

  10. Catching you through the blog hop! I'm such an ass about grammar that I'm going to follow you JUST for that. Hope I read a couple of your other posts along the way. ;)

  11. I always start with the first book too :) I just don't understand why you wouldn't want to read it from the beginning :)

  12. Hey! I'm an old follower just stopping by to wish you a great weekend!

    Similarly to you, I start by the first book in a series unless I goof up the order by accident.

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads (Twitter)

  13. Really cute blog. I've done that...picked up one that I didn't know was in a series. You spend most of your time going "did i miss something??"

  14. I haven't done it yet, but I would be very irritated (at myself) if I picked up a book, bought it, and then found out it was part of a series, haha. Anyway, old follower here - have a great weekend!

    If you get a chance, check out my blog :)

  15. Hopping by! I'm with you....start with book one!
    Hope you come by and see my answer!

  16. Just hopping by! Happy Friday!

  17. hey dropping by from follow friday and Book Blogger Hop! Cool blog!

  18. Hi there, My book budget is something I don't think about. But, grammar lady, Kersten Hamilton is guest posting thsi weekend at my place on grammar, Jane Austen, Editors and giving a copy of her book Tyger Tyger to one reader. Given your interest in punctuation and spelling you really should read her post.
    Tyger Tyger Contest
    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
    Twitter: @fangswandsfairy

  19. Hi,
    I'm stopping by for the Blog Hop and Follow Friday. I hope you have a great weekend. Happy Reading!

    I'm an old follower.

    Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies


  21. I can dive right into the middle of a book series if the series' story
    doesn't run chronologically.

    That is to say, if each novel in a series is a stand-alone story (like Lee
    Child's Reacher novels) then I don't feel the need to start with book one.

    On the other hand, a series of books (like Richard Hatch's Battlestar
    Galactica novels) can't be read out of sequence since each new book builds
    upon the story of the previous entry in the series.

    Happy Book Blogger Hop Friday!

    Howard Sherman

  22. Blog hopping through! I always start at the beginning of a series, too!

  23. Just stopping by from the hop. I'm a follower now! I try to start at the beginning of a series, too. Happy Friday!!


  24. Hopping through, you have an adorable blog!!!

  25. Hi Just hopping around to say hi this is my first blog hop. I do books sometimes but right now I'm giving away a really nice pair of Bushnell binoculars. Really. Come on over and hi high and check out my site. Refer your hubby boyfriend or just your friend that hunt. I always start with the first one in a series.
    Thanks This is fun

  26. This is a neat thing to do each weekend. I talk to several bloggers and they com visit me too. I'm excited about all the book coming out soon. I just wanted to say hi. Please stop by and say hi do my poll and giveaway for books.
    Depends on how many are in the stories and if they are in the same stories and stand alone otherwise no

  27. Hi! Just stopping by from the hop :-). I always start with the first book or else I get really confused. Haha. I'll read a series out of order if each book is loosely connected to the others and can be read alone.

  28. Just hopping by!! I am an old follower!! Hope you have a great weekend!! Happy reading!!


  29. Just stopping by to say hello and hope you have a good weekend!

  30. Just stopping by to say hello
    Have a good weekend!

  31. Hi! Just stopping in to say hello too. I am a new follower from the blog hop. You have a great site with such a creative name!

  32. Stopping by to follow. I'm new to the hop. Won't you please come check out my blog? :)


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