June 22, 2011

Waiting On Wednesday (12).

Waiting On Wednesday is from Jill, at Breaking the Spine.

Sisterhood Everlasting by Ann Brashares
Return to the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants ... 10 years later.
Now Tibby, Lena, Carmen, and Bridget have grown up, starting their lives on their own. And though the jeans they shared are long gone, the sisterhood is everlasting.
Despite having jobs and men that they love, each knows that something is missing: the closeness that once sustained them. Carmen is a successful actress in New York, engaged to be married, but misses her friends. Lena finds solace in her art, teaching in Rhode Island, but still thinks of Kostos and the road she didn’t take. Bridget lives with her longtime boyfriend, Eric, in San Francisco, and though a part of her wants to settle down, a bigger part can’t seem to shed her old restlessness.
Then Tibby reaches out to bridge the distance, sending the others plane tickets for a reunion that they all breathlessly await. And indeed, it will change their lives forever—but in ways that none of them could ever have expected.

Okay, this is more of a Waiting on My Mailbox kind of deal. The release date for this was the 14th, and somehow I missed any and all publicity for it. I still have no idea how it slipped under my radar. I haven't read the series since I was about twelve, but I was immediately drawn to this. It's kind of like how I was with Megan McCafferty's Jessica Darling series; I finished it, then time went by, then a closing book was released and I was hooked all over again.

So, needless to say, I ordered this the moment I stumbled upon it. Now I just have to wait for it to get to me!


  1. I just got this book, and I intend to start it today. I can't wait! I love the Sisterhood!

  2. I haven't read this series, but it must be amazing to end it with this book!

    My WoW

  3. No freaking way!! I didn't know they were making this!! Most freaking awesome! And super excited!!

    Check out our WoW, and while your there don't miss out on a couple of great giveaways and events HERE, and HERE!!

  4. I read this one last week - loved it!

  5. I've seen this one on banners in Shelf Awareness. It's one I'm waiting on, as well. Thanks for following!

  6. I haven't read any of them, but I think I'll have to try them out as a fun summer read - seems perfect!

  7. Thanks for stopping by! I'm interested to see how she continues the series with the characters as adults.

  8. Hi! Found you through the book hop and I'm glad I did. Love your blog! New Follower :)

    ♥ Trish Just a YA Girl


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