June 21, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Why I Love Book Blogging.

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to us by The Broke and the Bookish.


1. The books. No, I don't mean the free ones. I mean all of the books introduced to me through all of you fellow bloggers, tours, memes, etc. My TBR list is very long because of this - and I love it; I will never not have anything to read.

2. The people. Seems obvious and generic, right? But truthfully, we all know book bloggers have their little niches. And I'm so happy to have gotten to know some of you. I hope it continues.

3. The practice. Not only do I get to better my writing, but also my blogging skills. And that entails everything from publicity to HTML.

4. The authors. When I first started blogging, I had no idea authors were so receptive to the book blogging community. But after hosting several interviews and giveaways, I now know that authors ROCK. I've come across some of the kindest people, easily approachable and ready to share their work with their readers.

5. The discussion. If there's one thing I LOVE, it's talking about books. Anything and everything related to books. This is the ultimate book-talk forum.

6. The versatility. I know. This one's a weird one. But really. Where else can you discuss, give away, tour, celebrate and tweet about books?

7. The change. Another weird one. But honestly? You all have helped me get into books I never would've considered reading otherwise.

8. The excitement. I know blogging can sometimes be hard work, but it's totally worth it. I love those moments when one blogger gets excited about a particular book and, in turn, makes every other blogger just as excited. There's always something to look forward to.

9. The challenge. Like I said above, blogging is hard work sometimes. But I love figuring out in what direction I want to take my blog.

10. The experience. From my first post up until my last (whenever that will be - hopefully never), I'll be able to say that book blogging has been one heck of an experience that I wish I'd discovered sooner.

*Happy one year blogoversary, TB&TB!


  1. Great list. :D

    I agree with reading books you never would have otherwise. I love getting recommendations and giving books a try :D

  2. Oh I love the list. Book recommendations, people (especially people) and the discussions (honestly, this is something I would love to see more of) are, I agree, one of the upsides to blogging. I also think that it's very edifying - as an aspiring author - to see, through blogging, that writing is only part of the process. I didn't realize that and blogging showed me how many more factors are involved in the process.

  3. Great Top Ten list. Somehow I managed to miss this one... vacation does that to you. Guess I better take a sneak peak at the upcoming Top Ten Tues. :)


  4. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. REALLY. This is one of those blogs that makes me want to redo mine because it's so...shabby.

    Anyhoo, following you now. And thanks for introducing me to this meme. I love lists. ;)



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