June 29, 2011

Grammar Bit #13.


When do you use them?
When a comma just isn't good enough!

Typically a semicolon is used for a discontinuity or pause.
It sits between two independent clauses (sentences that can stand on their own),
without the use of a conjunction (and, but, or).

EX. I have a date tonight; I cannot run errands.

The semicolon brings together two independent clauses that are related.

If you want to learn the fun way, check THIS out!


  1. that Oatmeal thing was hilarious! and brilliant!

  2. I absolutely love semicolons. And the Oatmeal. =)

  3. I love this section to your blog!!! I think I got the semicolons down. I just need help with everything else. I mean everything!


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