May 17, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Minor Characters.

Top Ten Tuesday is brought to us by The Broke and the Bookish.


1. Peeves, from Harry Potter. Talk about biting the dust. The hilarious, yet annoying, poltergeist seemed to disappear from the series

2. Richard, from Thirteen Little Blue Envelopes and The Last Little Blue Envelope. Ginny’s uncle and Aunt Peg’s husband. He’s clueless but very sentimental – and successful! I wish the stories would’ve focused on him just a bit more, because there’s definitely more to him.

3. Princess Tiger Lily, from Peter Pan. C’mon. She’s such an awesome little girl, and much less annoying than Wendy or Tinkerbell.

4. George “Puck” Harrison Prescott, from Secret Society Girl. He’s the hot guy with emotion! What’s not to want? I’d have loved to hear his story.

5. Irial, from Wicked Lovely.  He definitely has a history. And I want to know every bit of it.

6. Tony, from Infinite Days. Hello? He’s Lenah’s first normal bff, then poof. And he’s funny. I wanted more from him.

7. Finnick & Annie, from The Hunger Games. Love, love, love them. Enough said.

8. Mercutio, from Romeo and Juliet. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. He’s such a fun, zany character. I always preferred him over Romeo.

9. Matt, from Twenty Boy Summer. I know it’s not possible, but… he’s such a likeable character. I always wanted more of him.

10. Kimmie and Wes, from Deadly Little Secret. They’re a dynamic friend duo and hardly get any of the spotlight.


  1. Richard!! I mentioned him at the end of my review of 'The Last Little Blue Envelope' ... I just love him. More of his story would definitely interest me.

    Oh Finnick. *sigh* Loveeed him.

  2. Peeves!! How could I have missed Peeves. He is so irritating, but I just love him, specially when he bows to the twins when they leave the school!!
    Nice list :)

  3. Peeves was great and came in handy at some pivotal moments! I so have to read The Hunger Games soon because a lot of people have mentioned many characters from that series.

  4. Finnick is on my list too! I loved him! I'm still mad at Suzanne Collins for what she did to his character.

  5. Richard is pretty cool, and I think it's hilarious that Princess Tiger Lily makes your list.

  6. Finnick and could I have forgotten them?! I actually had Matt from TBS on my list, too, but I took him off bc of the whole death thing haha fab list, Alissa :)

  7. I loved Matt from Twenty Boy Summer too! Even though I knew it was impossible, as I was reading I kept thinking we would see him pop up again, just because he felt like such a wonderful character.

  8. Thank you for the follow and the kind compliment. :] Your layout makes me so happy! It's very simple and bright. :D

    I almost forgot about Peeves! He was such an entertaining character. I absolutely love how you included Mercutio! He was my favourite character from Romeo and Juliet.

  9. I wonder happened to Peeves? He was such a great character in the early books, and then he sort of disappeared.
    I didn't really like the hunger Games books, but I still liked Finnick. I don't think that Collins really treated him with enough respect at the end.
    I love that you added Princess Tiger Lily. That made my day.
    Great list.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog
    -Emily @ Reading While Female

  10. SO with you on Tiger Lily and Finnick! Also, Bramble from ENTWINED.

  11. Oh, hello, best list ever. Why didn't I think of half of these?!


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