May 16, 2011

It's been a while... Remember me?

Hi, bloggers! Remember me?

Finally out of school and getting some reading done!  It feels great. I love not having to worry about writing another paper. Or studying. This past semester was a bit hellish, so I'm more than happy to put it behind me.

In other, happier news, I landed an internship! Finally, after months and months of prevailing and losing hope. Of course, that means I'll be working part of the summer. No worries, though. I'll have plenty of time for reading. (I know I've said that before... but I will!)

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their summers. Or at the very least, I hope school's almost out for you, too.

I'm currently reading Julie Kagawa's The Iron Daughter.  It's the second book in the Iron fey series. Remember my review for The Iron King? I wasn't exactly thrilled with the start of the series.  I thought it was clichéd and the characters were bleak. 

Yet, I must admit, I'm liking The Iron Daughter so far. I'm only a little over one hundred pages in, but it's been able to hold my attention and read much more smoothly. And is it just me, or is Ash more appealing? I was all for Puck, but I think I'm honestly rooting for both boys now.

What do you think?

But please, no spoilers! I'm really hoping Ash doesn't turn out to be a jerk...


  1. I disliked Iron Daughter something fierce but the third book totally won me over. (I even reviewed the second book as a conversation between my conscious and I, (me?)) Anyway, I'm glad you like it but if you start losing interest, just remember that the third one is muuuuuch better.

  2. @Nafiza: Aw, man. I hope it doesn't take a turn for the worst. But I'll keep that in mind. I haven't even purchased the Iron Queen yet.

    @Cialina: Thank you! I hope your internship is still going well (if you're still working there)! :]

  3. Congrats on your internship!

    I liked The Iron King ok and was pretty meh on The Iron Daughter, but I LOVED The Iron Queen.

  4. @Small: Thanks! I keep hearing the Iron Queen is really good, so I'll have to grab a copy.


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