February 6, 2011

Back from AWP!

It seems so long ago that I left for AWP, when in reality it was a mere three days ago. But, I am finally back and well rested.

Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures - just a few of the hotel. Most of the panels I sat in on had me packed like a sardine. Especially the YA panels. Those were quite popular. There was some awesome insight on the divide between MG/YA/Adult. So look for another discussion post coming soon!

There was another panel that I particularly enjoyed, titled, Words Authors Love or Loathe. A panel of about six authors read passages/small essays on their loved or loathed word. It was hilarious. My two favorites hated the words very and pants.

Now that I can get back into the swing of things, I'll be attempting the following:

Another Grammar Bit - any particulars you'd like covered? Feel free to leave it in a comment.
Review for Bloodthirsty.
Review for In the Storm.
Author interview with Karen Metcalf (author of In the Storm).
Guest post by Karen Metcalf?
Discussion post.
Word Bit.


  1. hahaha "very" and "pants"...I can totally see why those words would be hated!

    I'm glad to hear you had fun, Alissa! I'm so sorry I've been absent from your blog this week...my work schedule is SO screwy right now!

  2. @ Melissa - Thanks! It made sense once they explained why, haha. And no need to apologize - I know the feeling. :]

  3. Welcome back! Check out the L J Smith issue. It seems all very horror story like. (Well, to me.) :(

  4. Welcome back! Looking forward to your upcoming posts as always :D

  5. Welcome back! And thanks for dropping by my blog and reading my review on Wuthering Heights :D

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  6. Welcome back :) I'm really looking forward to your Bloodthirsty review and that discussion. What a great discussion topic!

  7. Wasn't it loads of fun?? I think we might have been in the same YA panel - though since we never met, it's unlikely we would have known eachother. Unless we both had some freaky 7th-blogger sense. hehe. I had a blast and loved Junot Diaz's talk.

  8. @BookGeek: I didn't get to see Diaz! I heard he was good.

    And we probably were at the same panel, hah! :]

  9. Hi Alissa, thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting on my review of True Confessions. Since the bookstores here have ran out of stock of More Confessions, I bugged them into getting me a copy so now I'm just waiting when I could pick it up. Yay!

    Brush Up On Your Reading


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